Players are given several changes to bust a balloon using a dart.

Players are challenged to land a plastic ball in a basket on the floor by banking it off a large backboard.

Players are challenged to break a glass bottle by throwing a baseball from a distance.

Shoot the clown –Blow up the Balloon Win a prize!

Players are given a select number of rubber frogs. They are challenged to catapult their frog onto the moving lilly pads.

Test your strength on our Hi Striker! See if you can be the one who rings the bell! We have two Hi Striker games; a 17ft model for adults and teenagers and a kiddie version for the little ones.

Teens and adults are challenged to shoot baskets from a long range.

Shoot baskets from a short distance and win a prize!

Players are given a basket of rings. The challenge is to toss the rings and land a ring around the top of a glass bottle.

14 players at one time! Take a seat and roll a ball in your own lane to race your 57 Cadillac or 55 Chevrolet against the other players. First one to the finish line is the winner!

Shoot at targets and win a prize!

This is the classic. This is the one you think of when you think of carnivals. You aim your water gun at the target and watch your aim go high up... higher than your opponent and you will win the prize! Accommodates 20 racers simultaneously.

Contestants compete against each other for the highest score in this iconic game. Players are challenged with bopping the mechanical mole as it pops up from the table in different areas. The more hits, the higher your score!

NOTE: Attraction information is subject to change without notice.